Getting to know you

When you hire us to be involved in your plans, we will start by making an appointment for an introductory meeting. We will discuss your wishes and the Garden Specialist will have a look at the current situation in your garden (location, accessibility, soil etc).

Of course this meeting is free of charge and without obligation. During or after this meeting, you can decide to have the Garden Specialist make a preliminary design for your garden, if desired with a corresponding offer.

Discussing the preliminary design/offer

The Garden Specialist will make an appointment with you to discuss the preliminary design. It is up to you to decide whether this design meets your wishes and expectations. Of course, it can still be adapted. The Garden Specialist will explain how he got to this design and why he made the choices he made. He will also inform and advise you about which materials (e.g. pavement) and planting to choose.

When it comes to the use of specific materials, the following things are important:

  • Which materials do you like, which do you think are beautiful
  • Do these materials match your garden and the style of your house
  • What are the characteristics of the materials you chose (quality, maintenance)
  • Do the materials suit your budget?

Planting scheme

It is very important to make a good planting scheme. Obviously your wishes come first, but it is also important for the plants to go well together and we should also consider characteristics such as growth, inflorescence and maintenance of the plants. A bad planting scheme can turn your garden into a wild and cluttered jungle. The Garden Specialist will inform and advise you on this.

Execution of the work

When the preliminary design has become definitive and you agree on the offer, the Garden Specialist will make arrangements with you to start the work.

Maintaining your garden

A lot of people want a garden that is 'free of maintenance'. But even though it is not much, every garden needs maintenance. The Garden Specialist can advise you if you want to do this yourself. Of course we can also do (part of) the maintenance for you, such as pruning, fertilising and removing weeds. The Garden Specialist will make an appointment with you to determine which maintenance would be necessary. This visit is free of cost and/or obligation. Afterwards, you will receive an offer concerning the work to be done.

More information / Contact

You can contact us for more information or if you want to make an appointment. You can call us or leave your personal information on the contact form. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Piet-Jan Hazenoot
Garden Specialist